A-Star Software Games Community Policy

Last updated: August 13, 2020

A-Star Software has players from all over the world coming together to play card games together in our apps. Our goal is to create a fun, safe, and fair place for all card game fans to enjoy the game and escape things that are going on elsewhere in the world. We encourage all players to treat others how they would like to be treated and to follow the specific guidelines below. Players who fail to follow these rules will be subject to warnings, restricted privileges, temporary bans, or even having their multiplayer accounts closed.

Player Name Policy

An example of a player name that is NOT allowed: “I Hate Unicorns”, (Feel free to substitute Unicorns for any specific person or group of people and it is still not allowed), etc.

Community Conduct Policy

If you experience violations of this policy, feel free to contact support using our in-game “Report Abuse” feature. Contacting us this way will help ensure that we can track down and take corrective action against users who are actively violating the policy.