Euchre 3D

Euchre 3D

The top-ranked Euchre card game with:

Achievements • Statistics • Game options • Smart AI • Frequent updates • Lots of happy players • Join now!

Euchre 3D is the premier free Euchre card game for iPhone and iPad! Euchre 3D has been in development for years by a dedicated team and has seen countless new features, improvements, and bug fixes. It's fast, stable, always improving, and, above all, fun!

Top Features include:

* Smart AI partners and opponents to keep you challenged

* Live online multiplayer!

* Fast, smooth playing with different game speeds

* Realistic graphics - it feels just like sitting at a table!

* Achievements

* Statistics

* Game options, including Canadian Loner, Stick the Dealer, and more

* In-app help and feedback menu (let us know how we can improve)

* Frequent updates, improvements, and bug fixes

* Free!

What players are saying:

***** "This game has absorbed my time more than the words with friends game. Great game"

***** "Absolutely love this game !!"

***** "Awesome! I love this game. Plays quick, plays fair, and is just tough enough to keep me coming back for more! Highly recommended for the Euchre fan!"

***** "Very addictive, and the AI is surprisingly realistic."

***** "My favorite. Great game. Just like the four handed with real people."

***** "Love it!! I am addicted!"

***** "Super easy to play. Best I have found."

***** "Can't think of anything I don't like. LOVE that it has Canadian Loners and stick the dealer!"